“Lavenshire Tea”


Lavender Tea and Scones

I was in Perth recently, far far away, and I visited a lavender farm in an area in the hills called Mundaring. The Lavender Patch was a lovely set-up, with a bed-and-breakfast and tearooms.  Visit the website: http://www.thelavenderpatch.com.au

I enjoyed an unusual and very purple afternoon tea of lavender scones and lavender tea. Perhaps I should have chosen one or the other! A hint of this aromatic herb is wonderful in food, but with restraint unless you want your cakes or salads to leave a lingering potpourri aftertaste… I’ve also discovered that not all lavenders should be ingested so you are best to check which variety you are using or purchase culinary lavender from a specialist store.

Lavender tea, either pure or mixed with other herbs or honey, would be such a colourful and unexpected addition to a spring garden party or an afternoon tea with a twist. I’m not sure the name “Lavenshire Tea” will catch on though…


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