Life in Boxes

We are lucky to have a large “shed” which was surely designed to be a double garage but seems to have rarely hosted automobile guests. Its current decor includes an anvil and large magnet, a workbench with nails and screws jammed into every crevice, and a bank of cabinets painted utilitarian grey. Some ratty brooms and wood handled rakes lean, like casual observers, by the doorway. Circular saw blades, files, a spanner and horse shoes of various sizes hang just above eye level like a garland.

When the shipping container truck delivered our belongings, we siphoned anything not immediately useful into this shed. The furniture went straight into the house, but almost all of the boxes containing household goods remained here and I’ve been retrieving items as the need arises. It is an interesting exercise for this borderline hoarder to attempt to live with fewer trinkets and tchotchkes (knick knacks). It is already making life so much easier when it comes to the two tiny inquisitors and their tricky, sticky fingers.

Hobart Life in Boxes

(Pictured are some of the boxes before the move, not all of them are this pretty. They are currently arranged much more haphazardly).

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