Between Extremes

Since we moved to Tasmania we have experienced nothing but mild weather. It seems so strange not to be sweltering at this time of year and to be honest I am missing the hot wind and the smell of rain on dirt at the end of a Melbourne late-summer day.

But in that same period of time, since our move, there have been bush fires, cyclones and floods around Australia.

(The very day that I journeyed from Melbourne to Hobart with my man and our two mini men, parts of Tasmania were burning. Our families were concerned that we were heading into danger but our new house is not near any of the devastated areas).

The garden reminds us that there hasn’t been much rain here for some time, while the television illustrates the grief that too much rain is causing our northern countryfolk. We’re “extremely” lucky to be able to enjoy such boring, uneventful conditions. My thoughts and sympathies go to those suffering now at the hands of the weather.

Hobart Dry Branch

(This is a branch from our loquat tree, with the remnants of the lawn in the background)


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