A New New Year

Just like the editors of health and beauty columns around the world, I have a somewhat exaggerated love of of the beginning of a new year because I am always so optimistic about the opportunities ahead: “New year, new you!”.

I tend to apply the mantra to a broad definition of “me” and my life, getting really excited about planning, setting goals and making vision boards (yep, I admit it). This time last year I was engulfed in the foggy mist that infant twins and sleepless nights whipped around me, but this year my ability to look forward– beyond the next baby meal– is returning. Since we were in the process of moving house on December 31, we missed all the midnight festivities at that time.

So today we had a chance at a new new year. We attended a Chinese New Year festival in North Hobart and mingled amongst a variety of locals including some wearing paper emperor hats, eating noodles or sporting satin Tai Chi uniforms. I believe it was the first festival of its kind in the area and my feeling is that it was well organised and well intentioned but apparently ill-prepared for the large turnout. It took us about 10 minutes to peruse the stalls, take a photo of the kids with the dragon and avoid the queues for the food. I think it needed more entertainment and music and some noisy, dangerous firecrackers! Or perhaps not… Either way it was an enjoyable family outing.

According to the Chinese zodiac we are entering the year of the Snake, which signifies “steady progress and attention to detail”. Perfect for writing all my to-do lists! And when it comes to the finer details of Chinese New Year 2013, it turns out that the official date is not actually until next week so I can celebrate and reconsider my goals all over again on February 10.

Hobart Chinese New Year Dragon

Lovely details on the back of the dragon’s head

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