A Ten Days Night

Ten Days Brochure

Tasmanians are enthusiastic about making the most of the lovely weather while it lasts. We have arrived during a season of festivals but haven’t really been able to engage because we are still “finding our feet” in various ways. But hopefully as time goes by we will enjoy more and more of the cultural activities offered here, and we began by attending the launch of the 2013 Ten Days on the Island festival last night.

One of the original and well known tourism/cultural initiatives here, Ten Days on the Island is subtitled “Tasmania’s International Arts Festival” and it features events across the state. The launch took place at the picturesque Cascade Brewery, with obligatory speeches, much mingling, music and even a fancy sausage sizzle!

I perused the cleverly colour-coded brochure this morning, and marked the most appealing events with little star symbols. I am already undergoing negotiations in my own mind to determine how many and which of those we can actually attend in 10 days. I am particularly excited about the range of theatre offerings and I’m glad to notice at least one interesting (kid-friendly!) event happening within walking distance of us. So it feels like we’re “finding our feet” and gosh, we’re planning to use them.

Hobart Cascade Brewery Ten Days Launch Hobart Ten Days Launch Band Light

Hobart Ten DAys Launch Band Dark

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