Seven Minute Soak

Luxury Bath Accoutrements

A bath is one of life’s simplest luxuries, but I have idealised the humble bath to the point that I feel like it’s not worth doing unless all the accoutrements are in place. Which is weird because I once lived in a house where there was no shower: baths were practical, pragmatic and in winter they were lightening fast and not relaxing at all.

My ideal bath involves at least a scented additive for the water (salts, oil, bubbles and I’ve even tried bath tea), a calming drink, a candle, low lighting and time stretching out ahead like a road in the countryside. Needless to say I haven’t had a bath in the last year and since moving to this house, with tub at the top of the house hunting wish-list, I have put it off because the conditions weren’t right.

Yesterday I planned it. I collected some flowers and petals for the water, rounded up a loofah and dug out some jasmine tea oil that I have carried around for years… the candles are still in boxes somewhere but I was willing to cope. But instead of a quiet time after dinner we had a sad bambino, who seems to have a bothersome new tooth emerging, shrieking the house down. Down the proverbial plughole went my perfect conditions.

I was disappointed, but it’s something I really have to get used to. I can’t wait for the right time or the right amount of time to get things done any more. I have to just start, do what I can, and then catch up later if I have to.

So today during nap time I ran the water, arranged everything again, ignored the fact that low lighting was impossible at 10am, immersed myself in the shimmering water and imagined I was Cleopatra. About 40 seconds later I heard quiet babbling from the babies’ room. It didn’t sound upset so I didn’t jump up, I concentrated on my feet. I gave my feet a thorough, yet gentle, luxury spa experience. Eventually the noises from the little guys were more urgent but I got about seven minutes of sweet, relaxorama.

Next time I’ll concentrate on another small body part and maybe eventually, instead of seeking the perfect bath, I will perfect the seven minute soak.

Luxury Bath Flowers

Luxury Bath Arrangement Original Luxury Bath Oil and Loofah

Luxury Bath Soap Close Up

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