Shaping Traditions

Purim Gragger Flower Shoes

On Friday we attended the opening night performance of “Fiddler on the Roof” at the The Playhouse in Hobart, having been generously invited by the Hobart Repertory Theatre Society. The themes, the style of the show and the catchy, famous song within the production called “Tradition” got us thinking and talking about that very subject.

What is the value of traditions? Especially these days when they are so easily and readily broken or ignored. Are traditions more important than people or relationships? Are some traditions more valid or worthwhile than others, or indeed should you (or can you) choose between traditions? Can old, irrelevant traditions be successfully replaced by new ones?

These are ongoing discussions in our house, and in general our response is to incorporate aspects of established traditions from our own backgrounds into new ones that suit our newly formed family. In this way we are also developing our own family values.

Purim Chinese Boy Sitting with Gragger

Today was Purim, a celebratory Jewish holiday that is often marked with costumes, edible gifts and the reading or performing of the Megillah (Purim story). In future I look forward to baking the traditional hamantashen biscuits, but today we dressed the children as a hippy and Chinese boy and gave them a gragger noisemaker to play with.

It was just a small gesture but as the boys grow we’ll develop more elaborate activities for festivals and occasions and eventually we can call them our own traditions.

Puri Flower Child Hippy


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