A Tea Tasting: Moroccan Mint by Tea Drop

Moroccan Mint Tea Drop Box

This blend by Tea Drop is called Moroccan Mint, but its recipe departs from the traditional found in Marrakech or Casablanca, where a key ingredient of the local beverage is green — usually Chinese gunpowder– tea.  The box states that the tea bag contains only peppermint and cinnamon, which made me raise my eyebrows a bit, but when I opened it my nose was pleased with the aroma. Would it make my mouth happy?

I didn’t add any sweetener (I would have liked honey but I didn’t have any on hand) so I wasn’t entirely confident that this would take me on an authentic North African journey of the tastebuds. Too many of the elements weren’t quite right!

Tea Drop Pyramid Bag Moroccan Mint

After steeping it for around five minutes, I found the scent to be minty but mild. The flavour, however, was delightful and refreshing, and the cinnamon added an exotic twist. It didn’t need added sweetness, unless desired, and while it was different to a fresh Moroccan mint tea it was also a nice change from a plain peppermint tea.

Rather than recreate a Marrakech experience, this tea seemed instead to hint at the idea of busy marketplaces in countries far, far away, which was what my imagination always hopes for. And it did indeed make my mouth happy.

Moroccan Mint Tea Drop Brewed Cup

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