Sunny Day, Sweepin’ the Clouds Away

Golden Yellow Sunflower Sky

This is the kind of sight that really adds some shine to a sunny day; a row of massive sunflowers that are so tall and round they can barely hold their own heads up. Lolling in the wind, they look like gals at the races who began glamourously but are now unsteady after too much champagne.

Against the clear blue sky they are such a striking golden hue, a colour which I now love but for so long was my least favourite. I’ve come to realise that it was my school uniform, a bold combination of this yellow and royal blue, that scarred me for many years and only lately has yellow started to hold any appeal.

As Vincent van Gogh knew so well, warm yellow of this nature has a way of grabbing your attention, brightening a space or highlighting a feature.

Golden Yellow Montage with Cannister

Golden Yellow Liquor Drawer Handles Montage

Golden Yellow Bolero Tin Shoes

Yellow Cushions Exotic Beaded Skirt

Golden Yellow Islander Chair Montage

Woven bags with turquoise beads and kantha quilt photos by Mikkel Vang, featured in Vogue Living Dec/Jan 2003. Yellow chair by J. Bernett from B&B Italia, I don’t have a record of the photographer. Vintage bedside cabinet with Squint lamp photographed by Paul Quinn for Elle Decoration June 2007. K-B Mart and yellow heels pics by Friedemann Hauss. The lush room with the yellow cushion is in The Parker Palm Springs (looks amazing, I want to stay there!). That stunning embroidered skirt appeared in Cleo, July 1999.

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