Brainy Bums

Shakespeare Bottom Pants Cushions

Yeah, don’t worry about the heading, I’m not suggesting that my kids are particularly intelligent or anything, just that that have smart bottoms! In fact, this time last week one of them tried to drink a bottle of canola oil, nearly drowning himself in it and creating a recurring slick in the kitchen. He emerged looking like he had been swimming in a deep fryer. Then there was the time that one of them got hold of an ink pad and they both wondered what it might taste like. The ink was green; they looked like sons of Kermit. Perhaps my kids aren’t too clever, or perhaps I just need more cupboard locks…

Check out these pants by Twisted Twee; they were given to us when the twins were tiny and are only now getting a run around. Can’t decide if I prefer Shakespeare or the illustrated dictionary c-words. Genius. (The pants, that is).

Teacup Chicken Jacket Bottom Pants Too

Shakespeare Bottom Pants Running Shakespeare Bottom Pants Running Too

Teacup Chicken Jacket Bottom Pants


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