Hobart’s Small Delights

Chado Golden Spice Tea Pigeon Tins

Hobart is not a huge city and I’m noticing little “synchronicities” of people knowing people and things being connected to other things. It’s often a very useful effect, such as my hairdresser’s boyfriend being a twin who happens to be a mechanic who knows someone who has the exact (rare) transmission required to fix our car, which has been kaput since two days after we arrived on this island.

Pigeon Hole is one of the places that we had been repeatedly told by locals to try, and without knowing where to look we stumbled upon on it (Goulburn St, West Hobart, for future reference). It is appropriately named, given its shape* and size, and is charmingly fitted out with great attention to detail. The toilet walls are papered with vintage magazine clippings, the counter is made from an old carved hutch and every display of food is delicately designed.

Chado, The Way of Tea is another of Hobart’s small treasures…. and its tea is served at Pigeon Hole. There were various appealing options on the menu, but I was feeling a bit contrary and I chose one that just sounded… peculiar. It was called Golden Spice and featured turmeric and pepper.

Chado Golden Spice Tea Pigeon Hole

It was served in this heavy little Japanese teapot. It smelled like a spicy candle (the kind I like). It was peppery… of course. And golden… of course.

Turmeric Pepper Tea Detail

It took a few sniffs and sips to get the hang of this spicy concoction, but in the end I really took to it. I would definitely drink it again. And I will definitely visit Pigeon Hole again.

Now that the car is being mended I look forward to finding more of Hobart’s small delights. Who knows what connections will lead to hidden haunts and new interests and interesting people and so on and so on….?

*It’s not shaped like a pigeon.

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