Hanging Around

Kamifusen Japanese Paper Balloons Baby Room

Today my little guys and I just hung around at home, resting after a busy week. Here are some other things hanging around the house.

Oranges String Bag Retro Vintage Pot Holder

Hanging on hooks: some retro brights and some orangey goodness.

Postcards Shelves Washi Tape

Hanging on the wall: vintage swap cards from Paper Aeroplanes on Etsy, Happy Animal Time postcards by Junzo Terada.

Look Bag Penny Scallan Luggage Name Tag

Hanging on the door handle: a 1980s bag that has long been one of my favourites (especially to alert car drivers while riding a scooter!) and a very handy Penny Scallan wooden luggage/name tag.

Postcards Washi Detail

Hanging from the ceiling: some gorgeous kamifusen; paper balloons from Japan. The bubelehs are fascinated with the way these move when I blow them.

Baby Room Balloons Window

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