Feline Groovy

Cat Rat Mural Street Art Hobart

One of the favourite board books in our house is Cat’s Pajamas by Thacher Hurd; it’s almost jazzy in its rhythmic language and describes a gang of cats “bopping down dark streets” and banging on garbage cans “bum bum ba-dum!”

This afternoon and evening I had some time to spend walking around Hobart’s centre by myself… and while I wasn’t as wild as the cats in the book, I definitely felt a sense of freedom. I also happened to spot a number of cats! There are little bits of street art around Hobart and it’s great to see… here are some feline examples.

“Hot night… Yowl!”

Cat Chalk Graffiti Drawn Paw Print Hobart

Cat dreaming of fish mural night

Cat Chalk Graffiti Kissing Posters

Cat Clarence Ginger Many Cha Cha

(Oh, that’s Clarence helping me with my blog header…)

Cat Theatre Masks Mural Hobart Night

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