Mamma Mia Bollywood Punk Freakout

Bollywood Kitsch CD Cover Cushion

Bollywood Kitsch, part of a fantastic box set that I received from my honey for my birthday last year, was on the playlist today. Boy oh boy, did we boogie! We needed to… the little guys had been out of control: eating stones, falling on their heads, biting, knocking things over. Being toddlers. Driving me crazy. So we danced it out.

One of the songs on the CD that really makes me smile is “Mil Gaya Ham Ko Saathi”, which is a shameless ripoff of ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”… with a twist. My mum would be so proud that I’m introducing her music to her grandkids but I wonder how she would feel about the artistic license and crazy “garage punk freakout”* ending?

I found it on this awesome video medley. The whole thing is seventies-India mind-blowing, but quite long; head to 06:35 to find the ABBA tribute. Enjoy and feel free to copy the retro dance moves!

*As described in the CD liner notes

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