On Over Thinking

Conscience Thoughtful Girl Detail

When I was a child, spending time with my siblings and my best friend who was a boy my age, we spent a lot of pleasurable time considering and answering the question: “what are you gonna draw?” As time has gone on, this question has seemed more daunting, intimidating and inhibiting than it did back then. I’ve been over thinking this and many other creative questions.

Today I was grateful to be able to allocate some time to painting. I went for water colours because it wasn’t very much time, and I didn’t want to waste too much of it on cleaning up! As the time approached I thought about what I might paint, the colours I might use, the shapes and lines that would start the process. But it wasn’t until I sat down with my materials that I knew what I was going to do, and it was nothing like I had planned.

I allowed myself to not think too much and I just painted. This is a huge step for me and it was liberating.

Conscience Detail Moral Judge

The outcome is shown here, and it just is what it is. Perhaps I should have stopped earlier, but I was curious to see where it would go. There are some details that I’m pleased with.

I have called it “Conscience”.

Conscience Entire Watercolour Painting

(Do you know how many times I changed the title of this post? I was over thinking again.)

2 thoughts on “On Over Thinking

    • Hi Julie, thank you for visiting! It’s always something I come back to when there’s time… This is the first time I’ve shared! X

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