A Contemplative Cuppa

Heart Food Tea Masaru Emoto Imagine

My collection of Hobart gems is growing; yesterday I found a charming establishment called Heart Food, a vegan/vegetarian tea house located at 66 Liverpool Street, by the entrance to Bank Arcade. (I intend to return to explore the other little shops along the arcade, it seems to be an interesting, modern-eclectic mix).

I explained to the very sweet lady who served me at Heart Food that I was hoping to spend a calm few minutes on my own, and so she recommended the Relaxation Tea. I gather it was an in-house blend; it contained peppermint, lime blossom, rose petals and calendula flower and it was mixed with care so that none of these ingredients overpowered the others. I enjoyed it a lot, it was a sweet brew and it went nicely with the date and coconut slice that I also ordered.

The reading material offered by Heart Food included Love Thyself by Masaru Emoto. Dr Emoto is the scientist who seems to have shown that water crystals are influenced by words and intentions to which they are exposed. He interprets this phenomenon as reason to pray and show gratitude, because he believes it demonstrates that we can control our surroundings. I’m certainly impressed by the possibility that our thoughts and attitudes might be this powerful.

Whether it was the tea or the environment that relaxed me, I’m not sure. With the Japanese flute soundtrack, the minimal distraction and the intriguing photographs of water crystals, my experience provided just the brief respite that I required. I look forward to returning for more tea and food served with love at Heart Food.

(The photo above shows a water crystal after John Lennon’s “Imagine” was played to the water).

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