Stuck Inside

It’s miserable and pouring with rain so we’re stuck inside. Here are a few other things that are stuck.

Stuck on the fridge: magnets for laughs and from travels, including a peace crane from Hiroshima.

Stuck Fridge Magnets Shakespeare NYC Peace Boy Pets

Stuck on an old suitcase: some fabulous vintage destination labels.

Stuck Old Suit Case Wooden Toys Stool

Stuck Vintage Suit Case Travel Labels

Stuck Orient Line Vintage Suitcase Sticker

Sadly, one of them was enthusiastically torn off by little hands just before I took the pictures.

Stuck New Zealand Vintage Suitcase Sticker

Stuck on with glitter glue: popsicle sticks and pom poms. An artwork gift from a lovely little cousin.

Stuck Glitter Paint Glue Pop Stick Child Art

Stuck on the wall of a local sport centre: retro active figures, reminding us of sunnier weather (photo taken yesterday when it was divine outside).

Stuck Retro Sports Centre Clouds


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