Grateful Journeys

Journeys Moonah Arts Centre Ten Days Festival Tasmania

Like these goofy mosaic characters out the front of the little Moonah Arts Centre, we have a car. Yay! (Unlike these poor folk, we are no longer stuck in the one place…) We were so excited yesterday that we covered a lot of ground.

Our first stop was a film screening as part of the Ten Days festival called Little Big Shots. It was our munchkins’ first time in a cinema-like environment and they were surprisingly engaged and still.

Journeys Little Big Shots Moonah Art Ten Days Film

Next we visited MONA Market, which had something for all of us. Ping pong! Pink beanbags! Tee pees…

Journeys MONA market tee pee lawn hill Tasmania

Journeys MONA market bar coffee republic

…Opera sung in Mandarin, art installations, lovely coffee, hot gin toddies (good to know, anyway).

Journeys MONA market bar tasmania cask gin

Journeys MONA market tee pee art antler streamers

Finally, a theatre experience (again, part of Ten Days on the Island) called The Other Journey, which involved gorgeous natural scenery at dusk and a bus ride up into the hills as the fat, waxing moon appeared.

Journey Other GASP Ten Days Island Festival

Journey Other Bus Birds GASP Glenorchy

There were golden birds…

Journey the Other Candle Offering

…glowing fires and spices. We listened to mesmerising music and heard stories from Sri Lankan asylum seekers who had settled here.

Journeys Bird Spices Other Home

The show ended with the distribution of gifts: wooden birds to take home, a chilli pepper and a cinnamon stick.

Symbols of journeys.

Journeys Birds Home Take Me With You

2 thoughts on “Grateful Journeys

    • It’s been a really nice festival! It’s only on every two years so I thought I should make the most of it.

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