Up and Down, Round and Round

Carousel Vintage Merry Go Round Horse

This gorgeous nineteenth century steam-powered carousel is soon to be homeless. Gallopers Carousel, which was resurrected and restored from a jumbled pile of wood and metal, will be removed from the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens on April 1.

I visited to take pictures of the mirrors, flourishes and hand painted horses before the carousel is taken away. I’m sure a suitable new venue will be found, and look, the optimistic ponies are smiling for the camera!

Carousel Vintage Mask Face Detail

I think that’s a stern Sheik, watching over proceedings.

Carousel Vintage Ride Merrygoround Horse

Carousel Steam Old 1885 Gallopers

Carousel Galloping Gallopers Tasmania Botanical Gardens

The merry-go-round looks a bit forlorn in its current predicament.

Carousel Vintage Mirror Paint Decoration

No wonder they’re vain: the horses have been staring into these mirrors for over 100 years.

Carousel Vintage Steam Painted Horses

Carousel Galloping Gallopers Tasmania

Carousel Galloping Gallopers Tasmania Leaving

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