Rainbows for Holi

Playdough Holi Coloured Balls Home Made

What a wonderful week for celebrations; formal or sombre, expectant or commemorative. I’ve been inspired by one of the most joyous and colourful holidays on the planet, Holi, which took place in India for Wednesday’s full moon.

(Some sensational photos from this year’s Holi can be seen at times online).

I would love to have been there. I’d have worn white from head to toe in anticipation of being pelted with brightly-hued powders. Instead, I took my inspiration from the colours and I used some appropriately Indian flour to make play dough.

Playdough Indian Rice Flour Holi

Play Dough Making Orange Flour

Playdough Making Aqua Saucepan

The boys were tentative at first… but then they enjoyed rolling, pinching and punching the dough. It doesn’t take much of a taste to convince babies that play dough is for playing, not eating!

Playdough Bright Toddler Grasping

Playdough Balls Baby Holding

One day I’ll take them to India to have their faces and hair powdered like rainbows!

Play Dough Colours Baby Poking

Playdough Baby Toddler Hand

The image at top of the kid who looks like he’s dreading bath time is by the wonderful photographer, Steve McCurry, from the book Portraits.


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