Spot the Pattern

Spots Yayoi Kusama Toy Red Enamel Cup

The most difficult part about writing a post about spots is deciding which cheesy title to give it. “Dotty for Spots” or “More Dots Than You Can Polka Stick At” came to mind, but I’ve gone for something a bit more subtle, unlike the spots themselves. Let’s begin by paying homage to Yayoi Kusama, the Japanese-born artist pictured above, who is famous for her spotty works.

Spots Child Toadstool Playground Red White GASP

I’ve been “seeing spots” since we saw the toadstools at the GASP playground today, which are musical instruments that the little guys enjoyed clanging and banging.

Spots Spotty Dotty Teapot Domino

Above is a quirky teapot with spots by British potter, Virginia Graham, featured in Livingetc in April 2004.

Spots Polka Dots Vase Sculpture

I don’t have any information about that bold sculpture, I’m afraid. How cool is it? I can imagine making something like it from bottle-tops and lids. The vases featured in Australian Home Beautiful, November 2007 and were named Seam vases; I think they are versions of these.

Spots Polka Dots Red Shoes Missoni

The amazing black and white spot couches are from Missoni (image from Vogue Living Sept/Oct 2008). Brave choice for a living space, perhaps, but you could match them with a million colours and patterns and styles. The very sweet shoes were photographed by Prue Ruscoe for Country Style, July 2008.

Spots Toad Stool Mushroom Red White Dots GASP

Spots and polka dots are music to my eyes!

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