Joyeuses Paques

Easter Joyeuses Paques Nest Eggs French Vintage Postcard

Hope you’ve had a lovely day. Here are the colours of our Easter, and yes, the hallucinogenic bunnies and chickens are real!

Easter Pink Bunny Rabbit Coloured Hens

Turns out I matched those crazy rabbits…

Easter Pink Shoes Floral Dress

Our picnic lunch included some festive details.

Easter Dyed Eggs Picnic Rug

Easter Coloured Bunnies Chickens Pink

Today we began to create some more new traditions as a family.

Easter Dyed Egg Child Picnic Rug

Easter White Rabbit Candy China Lollies

I love these White Rabbit Candy sweets, and I found some on Friday at a local Chinese grocery. Great timing!

Easter Child Hand Dyed Egg

Easter Vintage French Postcard Old Trunk Nest

A lovely lady on a vintage postcard wishes us Happy Easter from Belgium, 1934.

Easter Dyed Egg Picnic Half Eaten


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