MONA: The Ultimate Hoard

MONA Theatre of the World Surface Teapot Implements

As a self-diagnosed sufferer of Borderline Hoarder Disorder**, I can really appreciate a collection. Almost any collection. I understand the thrill of the chase and the elation at a find. And if I had endless funds at my disposal my collections would be diverse, wide-reaching and beautiful for the eyes and mind. Perhaps like the collection of Old and New Art at the museum known as MONA.

MONA Hobart Museum Art Children Pram

I realised today that the current exhibition, Theatre of the World, ends in the next week. It was the impetus I needed to get us inside the building (I had been holding out for a time when I could explore the whole gallery, but as I’ve noticed before, I must grasp any opportunity I can get these days).

MONA Museum Old New Art Theatre World Exhibition Egyptian

My mind was quickly blown by the variety of artifacts (I want to say “eclectic” but that word has become rubbish lately), and I wanted to know about each and every one, but my babies wouldn’t let me linger long enough to read or listen to the information on the ipod guide.

So we breezed through, glancing at everything, absorbing some spaces and glimpses more than others.

MONA Museum Hobart Tasmania Artwork

I had thought that my experience of the exhibition, condensed as it was and with little information about what I was seeing, might not do it justice. But I was heartened to read this on the MONA website:

“Theatre of the World is a kaleidoscope: here the viewer sees the object, and that is enough. This notion harkens back to the Renaissance view that art and knowledge are inextricably intertwined. This art is visual poetry.”

MONA Hobart Rosetta Forecourt Entrance View

The kiddos were most absorbed by the art experiences such as soundscapes and light displays (and let’s be honest: the glass elevator), and were pretty happy with the regular changes in scenery. They have a lot to learn about the value of collections and collecting, and believe me, I am going to teach them all I know.

As for now attempting to find out what on earth my eyes laid on today? MONA is a very modern place and its robots have promised to email me information about the artworks.

**May or may not be a real thing

6 thoughts on “MONA: The Ultimate Hoard

    • Yes! To tell the truth, I’ll try and go again before the exhibition closes. I need another look.

      Also, Lakshmi Loves To Shop, thanks for reading 🙂

  1. Hoardiculture, I vote to turn that one into a real word. Great post, I went to Mona last year with my Mum. My Mum wanted to take me there and she is not a real art lover but wanted me to see it and she was as amazed as I was. It should be compulsory to visit anytime someone goes to Hobart. Def has something for everyone. And they have a great sense of humour! Did you use their little iphone/headphone information thingys? (you know what I mean).

    • I agree about the humour (smart humour), it’s refreshing. Yes, I actually went back yesterday and I used the ipod thing, they call it the O. This time I pressed every single button so hopefully I will have an email waiting for me with lots more to read about the art. Bonus!

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