Wild Things

Today we went on a wild goose chase. So annoying. Grrr. Here are some other wild things around here.

Wild Animals: The slightly mad illustrations in a vintage alphabet book that I bought the other day.

Wild Things Vintage Animal Alphabet Illustration Book

Wild Herbs: the parsley growing from the cracks in our pathways.

Wild Things Parsely Weeds Cement Path Cracks

Wild Hair: a curl for the memento box. The kiddos both have “mop tops” but I made a first attempt to tame one of them today.

Wild Things Baby First Haircut Memento Box

Wild Wool: some fluffy scrap yarn pom-poms sprouting from the wall.

Wild Things Furry Home Made Pom Poms

Wild Things Vintage Animal ABC Book

(There are no author or illustration credits in the book, I’m afraid).

Wild Things Baby Hair Cut Memento Box Ginger Locks

Wild Things Parsley Concrete Path Cracks

As for the search that inspired this post? I only had a hand-drawn map. We crossed the Tasman Bridge multiple times, going around in circles. In the end we learned that what we sought no longer exists.

Luckily we made a few serendipitous discoveries that were much better than what we were looking for. That’s the nature of getting lost.

Wild Things Home Made Pom Pom Garland

Wild Things Vintage Animal Violin Illustration

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