Sing a Rainbow

Rainbow Kids Clothes Dress Ups Toddlers Colourful Clothing

It’s Rainbow Day for the bubelehs at crèche tomorrow so I’ve compiled some colourful clothing for them to wear. Here are some other rainbows.

Rainbow Toy Collection: a rare example of things arranged neatly.

Rainbow Toys Spinning Top Stacker Balls Baby Toddler

Rainbow Inspiration: SARK Juicy Living Cards for daily colour.

Rainbow Cards SARK succulent juicy living

Rainbow Toys clown stacker ball rattle baby

Rainbow Water Colour: messy creativity captured on paper.

Rainbow Child Water Colour Paint Painting

RAinbow Toys Balls Baubles Manhattan Wooden

Rainbow Music: a well-loved xylophone.

Rainbow Toy Xylophone Dots Spots Kids

Big Gay Rainbow: Maurice Williamson in the New Zealand Parliament and his passionate and humourous speech in favour of same-sex marriage.

(Oh my gosh, Australia, just make it happen already).

Rainbow Children Clothing Happy Colors

2 thoughts on “Sing a Rainbow

  1. I had no idea “rainbow day” existed. How fun! I love your photos and choices of subjects. It should be a national holiday, with street parties and free art classes. A day where we celebrate love, equality and pretty cupcakes. Who knows, maybe one day… 🙂

  2. Yes, I love your ideas, Lau! (It isn’t really a “day”, it was just a fun idea for the children at the crèche). Thanks for visiting and leaving lovely feedback 🙂

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