Lessons in Letting Go

Letting Go Rubber Baby Dummy Pacifier Soother

One of the bubelehs is learning to let go of his soothing sucker.

I’m not really the one to help him. I have some learning to do myself, about letting go.

Letting Got Detail China Wooden Carved Fan Elegant Flower Wrapper

“Hong Kong Elegant Flower” cake wrappers are too pretty to throw away.

Long lost loves, dead relatives, childhood buddies: they all appear in dreams.

Letting Go Glass Jar Collection Recycle Upcycle

Glass jars, wrapping paper, rubber bands, string. All useful. Must keep.

(My carefree younger self).

Letting Go Rocking Chair Baby Sling Serena Lily Market

Baby carrier. Baby clothes. Baby shoes. Babies. They’re my babies. Where did these kids come from?

Letting Go Chinese Fan Hong Kong Elegant Flower Cake

I saw a lovely show by Tasmanian Theatre Company last week that touched on this theme, called Ordinary Days. It was one of the few musical theatre pieces that I’ve enjoyed immensely at first viewing; funny, moving and beautifully performed. It showed how we can take huge leaps forward if we have the courage to let go.


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