Three Wheelin’

Tricycle Redhead Brown Hair Boy Riding Bike Cafe Hobart

The feeling of the wind in your hair as you peddle, peddle, peddle…. the thrill of independence and the joy of steering your own way. These are the childhood pleasures of a tricycle, and perhaps some of the qualities hinted at by a cafe going by that name.

Or the name might have been chosen simply because a tricycle is a beautiful thing. Check out that image above. It’s from a 1974 publication called The Tricycle Book but the illustrator appears to have met my little guys! My ginger-boy, in particular, is a fanatical tricyclist.

Tricycle Cafe Blackboard Salamanca Arts Centre

Tricycle cafe is nestled in amongst the galleries and artsy shops at the Salamanca Arts Centre and has the Peacock Theatre as its backdrop. It’s not a huge cafe and –happily– seems to be fully occupied much of the time. In addition to the local arts organisations that need to be regularly caffeinated, the scene around this area is really touristy (in a good way).

Knowing already that the coffee here is good, I asked about the tea here today and learnt that the brand served is The Art of Tea, a local tea company that I have mentioned before. I ordered some lemongrass and ginger tea and it arrived with some parsnip cake and a fig friand. Oops!

Tricycle Salamanca Hobart Tasmania Cafe Herbal Tea

Everything was presented beautifully. It doesn’t seem like a huge point but I think it’s an important, if old-fashioned, part of tea service. My tea arrived in a vintage enamel pot which is just what I love. My fig friand was delicate, delicious. And I appreciate a vintage souvenir cake fork too.

Tricycle Hobart Hidden Cafe Cake Vintage Tea Spoon

(And I hear you asking about parsnip cake? Weird, huh? It was moist and sweet and unexpectedly good).

Tricycle Salamanca Hobart Tasmania Art Of Tea

The lemongrass and ginger tea was sweet and warming. Ginger was the dominant flavour, in a fresh and gingerbready way, not in a stir-fry way (I know how ridiculous that sounds). In contrast to some lemongrass tea that I have tasted, there was no woody flavour, which I suspect is also due to freshness. So once again I have a positive response for The Art of Tea.

Tricycle Salamanca Tasmania Cafe Vintage Teapot

I look forward to future visits to Tricycle. In the meantime I’ll be spending a lot of time chasing one or two of them around.

Tricycle Mariellen Hanrahan Rosalie Davidson Book Cafe Hobart

5 thoughts on “Three Wheelin’

  1. Sounds really like my kind of place!! Nothing beats a cup of tea in a lovely independent cafe! On a side note, when we were little my older brother disassembled my tricycle within hours of me receiving it as a birthday gift,”to see how it worked”. He never really put it back together after that, but now I have a real DIY genius at my disposal, so I guess it was a worthwhile sacrifice! 😀

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