Home Run

Home Kitchen Retro Vintage Radio Cornishware Mrs Beetons

We all know that home is where your heart is, it’s where you lay your hat and there’s no place like it. But where exactly is it?

Is is where you grew up?

Home Mantel Clock Miniature Chairs Shabby Pretty

Is it where you sleep most nights?

Home Willow Country Style Blue White Crockery Teapot Collection

Is it where you get the best home cooking? Where your family lives?

Home Garden Angel Daisy Impatiens Violet Cottage Pot

Is home where you’ve set down roots? Where you’ve chosen to settle?

Home Teacup Photo Frame Mantel Shabby Chic

Home. Is it a house that you’ve stamped with your personality? Or a district that you know upside down and inside out.

Home Vintage Antique Spice Jar Cannister Clove Kitchen Collection

We stayed in a hotel in our old neighbourhood while visiting Melbourne on the weekend, quite a novelty. So we were home but also visitors.

When I wistfully explained to a man I met that I once lived in the area he said: “And now you live in the beautiful place!”

We’ve returned to the place that is still unfamiliar but which has become home. And I think the answer to all the questions that I posed above is:


Home Country Style Cane Wicker Tiled Outdoor Furniture Porch

(These photos show some lovely details from the homes of my parents and my sister and her family).


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