Glorious Mud

Mud, clay, silt… call it what you will. It’s wet, dirty and delicious (OK, not that). It’s good for slinging, stomping in, stirring in a bucket and serving as a pie or a cake. We tried all these things today as part of The Big Play Box and we had a thoroughly mucky time. Yes, there was some tasting and that’s how we know it’s not delicious.

Mud and clay are also great for building, binding and finishing surfaces, and of course as moulding and sculpting materials.

Mud Big Play Box Hobart C3 Cake Tin

‘Mud, Mud, glorious mud

Mud Yemen Tower House Sanaa Teapot Decor Giulio Oriani

Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood!

Mud Terracotta Warrior China Mirjam Bleeker Yemen Window Giulio Oriani

So follow me, follow

Mud Big Play Box South Hobart C3 Stirring Pies

Down to the hollow

Mud Pottery Vases Crackle Lava Glaze Design

And there let us wallow

Mud Big Play Box C3 Family Kids Activity Hobart Gumnut Cakes

In glorious mud’

Mud Kenya Marzia Chierichetti Debi Treloar House

Lyrics from The Hippopotamus Song by Flanders and Swann. Yemen adobe house interiors photos by Giulio Oriani. Chinese house featuring terracotta warrior head, photographed by Mirjam Bleeker. Pottery vases shown in Vogue Living Set/Oct 2004 by artists Simone Fraser, Fredolsen, Jeff Mincham, Ryoji Koie, Tony Nankervis and Owen Rye. Kenyan house of Marzia Chierichetti (above) photographed by Debi Treloar.

Mud Big Play Box South Hobart Tasmania Pinecones Tins


2 thoughts on “Glorious Mud

  1. I LOVE mud! When I was a child my dad used to get blocks of mud for us to create little statues and such (to be baked in the oven and then painted). I never grew out of my ‘Picasso’ fase, haha, but my brother became really good with it! He used to make new figurines for our nativity scene every year (which paired with mines transformed the nativity crib in a sort of Dr Who episode!!) šŸ˜€

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