A Week’s Worth of Random Facts About Many Cha Cha

Inspiring Many Cha Cha Rust Vintage Book Collage

Many Cha Cha reveals a lot about me, despite the fact that I’ve always intended to keep a low profile here. Many of my interests, preferences and day to day experiences shape the content, obviously. So it’s a challenge to come up with seven new things about myself as required by the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 

(Check out this post, if you missed it, to see a list of blogs that I find very inspiring).

Inspiring Sneakers Twins Toddler Feet Legs Beach

Monday: I guess I dress like my kids lately. It’s hard to tell who is copying whom.

Inspiring Crochet Woollen Hat Sailor Whale Wooden Toys

Tuesday: I like fluffy wool, I swear it’s not prickly. (No, I can’t really crochet but I’ve been trying).

Inspiring Bunny Fish Travel Notes China

Wednesday: My handwriting is shocking.

Inspiring Salvaged Antique Wood Green Fence Post Barbed Wire

Thursday: Most of my best stuff is salvaged. Many would call it junk.

Inspiring Many Cha Cha Rust Map Art Collage

Friday: I’m a book vandal.

Inspiring Sandalwood Extract Dita Glasses Wooden Comb Window Sill

Saturday: I often push imaginary glasses onto the bridge of my nose (when I’m not wearing mine, that is).

Inspiring Elephant

Sunday: I’m so pale I made an elephant squint.

Inspiring Many Cha Cha Rust Map Collage Detail


6 thoughts on “A Week’s Worth of Random Facts About Many Cha Cha

  1. Haha you made an elephant squint! Hilarious! and love the colour of the thing with the barbed wire! One more thing…your handwriting is unique and has character, as does mine 🙂 xx

    • Thanks heaps, Ruby Canoe! (Perhaps it takes someone unique and with character to be able to read our handwriting, too…) x

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