Winter Woollies

What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? A woolly jumper!

We’ve pulled out the jumpers because the temperature is dropping. Here are some other woolly things around here:

Woolly Slippers: we call these the “warm shoes”.

Jumpers Woollen Pom Pom Child Ugg Boot Slipper

Woolly Knits: I wonder how long I’ll get away with dressing my kids in hand knitted jumpers before they rebel?

Jumpers Pullovers Child Woollen Wooden Clothes Rack Dryer

Woolly Blankets: I’m stockpiling in fear of cold nights.

Jumpers Vintage Woollen Wool Blankets Basket

Woolly Pom Poms: still just hanging around.

Jumpers Woollen Pom Poms Child Toddler

Woolly Hats: I made them!

Jumpers Crochet Beanie Baby Toddler Winter Hats

Jumpers Wool Winter Shoe Baby Child Ugg Boot Slipper

Woolly Socks: to help combat iceblock toes. Have I mentioned that I hate being cold?

Jumpers Woollen Wool Knitted Striped Socks Blanket

Jumpers Woollen Pom Pom Child Kids Fluffy Wool


6 thoughts on “Winter Woollies

  1. I enjoyed this. I can tell you my son, age 25, still wears the vest I made for him for work, and has said he would wear more if I made them, as long as they are plain and (to my mind) in dull colors. But, he is wearing it.

    I also made him fingerless gloves which he wears for work (he is a newspaper reporter and has to take notes outside in cold weather, etc.) Others at work were making requests for similar items.

    Though from about about ages 10 to 20 he would not touch a hand-knitted thing.

    He was even more happy with the knitted dishcloths I made him when he moved to his apartment, though, I think…

    So there is room for knitting for all ages, I think?

    We are moving into summer and shedding woolen clothes. It is interesting to think of this difference illustrated this way!

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Claudia! Sadly, I’m a hopeless knitter but I would love to be better and I’m encouraged by your experience with your son 🙂

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