African Music from A to Zimbabwe

The little guys and I visited an African grocery store near here and I asked the woman behind the counter if she sold any music.

“We don’t have any now, but I’m thinking of getting some,” she said. “Which country do you like the music?”

“Oh, nowhere in particular, I was just wondering,” I said vaguely, thinking I would have been happy to try something new from anywhere.

She sort of shrugged and smiled, as if to say: “Africa is huge, you know!”

We like heaps of African music around here, but I must admit that I don’t always note which region it comes from. My encounter in the shop reminded me to regard Africa as richly diverse continent, not just a blanket term, and I’m keen to improve my knowledge about it (and hopefully visit parts of it one day).

Lucky Dube and Supersoul

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you our current favourite driving music, which is a 1982 album by Lucky Dube and Super Soul. It’s in the South African mbaqanga style which has Zulu roots, and it is really upbeat and energising. I couldn’t find a video but I did learn that Lucky Dube went on to become a reggae superstar who was, tragically, murdered in 2007.

Instead I bring you some music from Zimbabwe, just next door to South Africa. This video, with music by Leonard Dembo, features dance moves that make me want to drop my shoulders and swing my knees. Low budget but great, enjoy!

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