Expressions of Gilt

“With fire we test the gold”, a sign pronounces in Magnolia 73, the excellent suburban cafe where a quirky exhibition is taking place. (The quote is from Bahá’u’lláh, the founder of the Bahá’í faith).

Gold Beetle Taxidermy Plate Art Kris Schaffer Tasmania

It features many little gold items (see above and below), compiled by artist Kris Schaffer as “faith, symbols, religion, tests, trials, trust, honesty, ritual, adornment, wealth, riches and art with Love.”

Gold Beetle Chair Scarab Butterfly Magnolia Kris Schaffer Moonah

Gold. It means “the best”and “most valued”, among other things.

Gold Brocade Dress Ornate Vintage Perfume Scent Bottles

The metal has long been prized but I prefer the colour.

Gold Decor Velvet Chair Cushion Brocade Curtain Moroccan Star Lamp

Gold is sumptuous and radiant.

Gold Jean Paul Gaultier Dress Carolyn Quartermaine Rack Bath

It’s luxurious and decadent

Gold Vintage Tea Set Pants Sequins Brocade Chair

Meanwhile, I bought some flea drops for my cat yesterday and the supermarket helpfully displayed the fact that they cost $2,436 per litre, which makes them basically liquid gold.

(Images: Straw hat and gold dress photograph by Manuela Pavesi. Vintage perfume bottles seen in Vogue Australia, by Ken Leach and Christie Mayer Lefkowith. Velvet chair from Vogue Living Nov/Dec 2006, photograph by Antony Crolla. Brocade curtains from Elle Decoration Nov 2006 by Sean Myers. Jean Paul Gaultier dress photographed by Kim Weston Arnold. Carolyn Quartermaine hat rack and bath tableaux photographed by Dider Mahieu. Sequinned corset image source unknown. Gold tea set seen in Real Living, uncredited photo).


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