Turning Points

In story telling (and screen writing, in particular), when characters overcome obstacles it is known as a turning point. Like when you’ve conquered a level in a video game and you move up to the next level.

I think I’m experiencing that part of the game where everything speeds up and the lights flash and everything gets intense but I’m nearly there I just have to complete this… one… last… thing…!

We’ve had a lice crisis, a “lisis” if you will. Daytime baths, comb-related tantrums and extreme haircuts.

Turning Points Baby Curls Lice Nits Toddler Challenges

For health reasons, I’ve been attempting to engage in more of these activities:

Turning Points Exercise Bicycle Bike Sleep Illustrations

And I’m trying to complete a birthday-related sewing project.

Turning Points Sewing Needles Projects Pin Cushion

But often it has felt like my efforts have come to this:

Turning Points Zero Nought Nest Vintage Peg Pebbles

Today, just when I wanted to fall into a heap, I checked the letterbox and found (amongst the stash of ignored bills) the magazine that is sent to me each month and the earrings that I purchased from Laurel O’Brien on etsy recently, beautifully presented. It was enough to lift my spirits.

Fingers crossed we go up to the next level in this video game soon!

Turning Points Laurel Obrien Etsy Silver Earrings

(Picture credits: the rainbow/bicycle illustration is by Frank Newfeld from a book called “Garbage Delight.” The sleeping boy is from a book called “Here and There” that has 8 illustrators listed but no specifics, this one might be from Jiro Mizuno).

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