Transport Museum Glenorchy Old Rail Signal Tasmania

As we go about our daily lives, within our comfort zones for ease and convenience, we often keep our heads down and our eyes lowered. Yet when we travel we are open, receptive and alert.

This means that we often miss things that lie nestled within our own neighbourhoods, while when we are away from home we are more likely to notice small details.

Transport Train Signal Antique Vintage Stencil Lettered Hobart Museum

As relative newcomers to our town, we are still half way between these two attitudes. When we mentioned the Tasmanian Transport Museum to locals, they shrugged and said they’re not aware of it. Yet it’s tucked in behind the shops of a Hobart suburb, easy to find and not far from anything.

Transported Vintage Luggage Train Station Glenorchy Tasmania

It’s a small museum, based around an original railway station that is no longer in use (only freight trains operate in Tasmania these days). It features many historical vehicles and other transport paraphernalia, including luggage that would be right at home in my house.

Transport Train Signal Antique Hand Lettered Hobart Glenorchy Museum

The museum was a fun excursion for us because the two small guys are just learning about different modes of transport and they like them very much. One of them greets every car as if it’s the first and best one he’s ever seen.

Transport Train Signal Antique Machine Hobart Glenorchy Museum

As you can see I was focused on the surfaces and textures that modern life doesn’t often allow any more. Hand lettered or stenciled signs, the patina of rust and worn paint, the glow of weathered timber.

Transport Train Antique Vintage Metal Hobart Glenorchy Museum

Some of the colours that time created were just gorgeous.

Transport Train Old Rust Paint Hobart Glenorchy Museum

All of this was a visual treat, an interactive experience and an opportunity for learning. It was a great reminder: if we want to be briefly transported to a fascinating place or another time, we have to remember to occasionally lift up our eyes.

Transport Antique Vintage Danger Keep Off Sign Train Station Museum

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