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Doctor Hospital Medicine Sukie Furniture Home Decoration

A doctor’s surgery may seem like an unlikely place to seek aesthetic inspiration but that’s where I found myself today, with a pair of sick children. Then without thinking about it, I stopped for a caffeine hit at a cafe called “Doctor Coffee” and a motif was made.

Doctor Coffee Hobart Medical Inspired Cafe Home Decoration

It takes panache and style to incorporate medical equipment into your home without recreating the set of M*A*S*H, but it can be done. Lyn Gardener of Empire Vintage has been decorating using vintage stuff like this for years (see the surgical tray stand next to the bath, and the old hospital beds furnishing a guestroom. Photographs by Jeff Kilpatrick).

Doctor Vintage Hospital Medical Furniture Home Decoration

I love the old swivel chair, lamp and the white tiles below left; together they hint at surgical chic but are softened by the plants and table cloth (photograph by Karina Tengberg). The kitchen sink shown below right, again in Lyn Gardener’s house, is a medical antique. How useful to be able to turn on your taps with your elbows while cooking!

Doctor Decor Medical Inspired Furniture Home Decoration

It’s not just the doctor’s office that creates an impression when we’re seeking help to heal. In fact we probably spend more time in the waiting room, so often sparse and characterless. Imagine what a touch of colour or pattern, or a well chosen art print, could do for the mood of the ill and infirm?

Doctor Hospital Medicine Waiting Room Furniture Home Decoration

“I keep seeing stripes in front of my eyes.”

“Have you seen a doctor?”

“No, just stripes.”

Doctor Waiting Room Sukie Cushion Home Decoration

(Stripey photo from Elle Decor Italia, of colourful textiles by Wood and Scherer. Bottom image, detail of very top image, from Elle Decoration UK of Sukie cushions.)

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