Pretty as a Picture

Pretty Lamington Drive Kat Mcleod Beci Orpin

Amidst the darkness brought on by inclemency and the brooding themes of the festival around town at the moment, it’s easy to forget how much a bit of prettiness can lift the mood.

Instead of art with descriptions about “…referencing the optical devices… and addressing the relationship between… the philosophy of otherness,” I found it refreshing to read simply about an artist’s “…favourite objects and treasures…”.

That’s what this exhibition by Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod, held recently at Lamington Drive, was about. We popped in while visiting some old Melbourne haunts; it’s part of The Compound Interest, an arts hub in Collingwood.

, Pretty Lamington Drive Kat Mcleod Beci Orpin Streamers Collingwood

The exhibition was called “A Hidden Place.” I could reflect on the deeper themes but the streamers and garlands were so bright and eye-catching, I’d rather just admire them.

Pretty Lamington Drive Kat Mcleod Beci Orpin A Hidden Place

And there weren’t even frames around most of the pieces, but the sweet colours of the collages and paintings popped out beautifully from the grey walls in the industrial style space.

(Many of the artworks were created through a “lucky dip” collaborative process involving words in a jar).

Pretty Kat Mcleod Beci Orpin Art Collaboration

My photos don’t show much detail but if you are not familiar with these two artists, I recommend further investigation. Especially if you need some pretty colour and lightness in your life, whatever the season.

Pretty Exhibition Kat Mcleod Beci Orpin


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