Bon Voyage and Ba Cissoko

The earnest and wordy liner notes in the cover of the “Bon Voyage, Worldly Sounds” CD encourage listeners to imagine what it was like for the artists to create the music featured. The suggestion is that by opening our minds to new sounds, we may also discover new cultures and challenge our existing beliefs.

Bon Voyage Worldy Sounds Filter Compilation

I’m not sure what that has to do with the drawn naked people on the cover or the “Man” and “Woman” themes, but there are some nice tracks on here, many by artists that are very well-known in their own countries.

Here’s a lovely video with music by Ba Cissoko — a musician and the band that he named after himself — who is featured on Bon Voyage. Ba Cissoko is from Guinea, West Africa, and uses traditional instruments such as the kora (a harp lute historically played by storytellers), to make modern sounds.

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