the market

Market Hobart Masonic Hall Hello Welcome Sign

Hobart’s the market is so friendly that it has a welcome sign saying “hello” at the door.

Market Hobart Masonic Hall Sign Garland

The organisers advertise upcoming dates with little cards and posters like this all around town but I always forget to go.

Until today.

Market Hobart Taste Sample Stallholders

The foyer of the Masonic Hall featured a sneak peak of what was inside, for snoopers.

Market Hobart Weeping Willow

I really loved the attention-to-detail of some of the stalls, such as Weeping Willow, where Jess sold tribal style trinkets and flowy dresses to die for.

And Marley and Lockyer, by Ness, who infused all of her (white!) creations, including her business cards, with creative passion.

Market Hobart Masonic Hall Marley Lockyer

Even her gorgeous hand lettered signs.

Market Hobart Marley Lockyer Hand Lettering Sign

(Every element was inspiring).

Market Hobart Artisan Harley Lockyer Display

I was also a fan of Miriam’s stall, where she sold screen printed clothing, hand knits and other lovely stuff under the name Nara Design.

Market Hobart Nara Design Knits Screen Prints Stall

Upstairs was a pop-up shop.

Market Hobart Pop Up Shop Stairs Bunting

Nooks and ledges featured sweet little displays.

Market Hobart Pop Up Shop Plants Window

And decorative touches.

Market Hobart Display Candle Details

All bound together with a cool philosophy inspired by Kevin McCleod.

Market Hobart Philiosphy

I mustn’t forget to visit the market ever again.

Market Hobart Masonic Hall Balloon A Frame Sign


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