Sky Up High

Anything in the sky is “moon” and the concept of “up eye up eye up eye” is very appealing to my two little guys lately. We’ve had fluffy clouds, clear blues, bright sunshine and they’re discovering new words to describe these delights.

Sky High Stella Denalis Illustration Clouds

There is a lot of language happening in our house now. Learning, creating, evolving. Playing with words was a shared interest that my husband and I identified when we first met (and it continues… he texted me a new word today: “irrelephant,” which sounds like a sad, forgotten creature).

Sky High Stella Danalis Book Illustration Collage Art Elephant

Now we have the pleasure of seeing our children enjoying wordplay too. Of course, they’re just learning and that’s why they feel so free to have fun.

Tricky-to-say phrases are sort of telescoped into short words. So a bunny rabbit is a badit. A face washer is a fasher. Some words are attempts that have stuck, such as “woollet” for water, and others seem to have come out of nowhere, like “koo” for drink. Words are repeated and sung as in “jump jump jump!” and “go go go!” (I particularly enjoy the response to a sneeze, which is a sing song repetition of “achoo achoo achoo!”).

Sky Up High What Knows Stella Danalist

It is such a joy to understand them and begin to know what their interests are. While drawing big green circles with a crayon, one of the boys started roaring and saying “soars” (dinosaurs).

And the other, while gazing out the window at the sky, suddenly cried “bird!”.

Sky High What Knows Nike Bourke Book Children

(I intended to show you the beautiful collage illustrations in this book called What the Sky Knows and I got sidetracked… The book was written by Nike Bourke and the pictures were created by Stella Danalis).

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