Love and Clutter

With a name like “Love and Clutter” — which I recognised as the name of a book by one of my favourite Melbourne icons, artist Mirka Mora — this shop was destined to catch my attention. I gather from my limited time there that it was just my kind of place.

Love Clutter Swing Tag Store Shop Hobart Mirka Mora

Sadly, it closed a few weeks ago. We barely got to know one another.

Love Clutter Hobart Shop Christina Romeo Art Etsy

(Mixed media piece, above, by Christina Romeo).

Love and Clutter Store Hobart Shop Closed Thanks

Even after it had shut its doors for good, this shop had style. Hobart, and especially its town centre, has only a few retail gems so this is a real loss.

Note to self: treasure and give patronage, when possible, to the special places before they all shut down and leave the streets soul-free.

Love Clutter Hobart Closed Window Shop Store Cute


8 thoughts on “Love and Clutter

    • I agree. In fact I just got home after walking down my main street, where I noticed that the old local bakery has recently closed down… While the newer franchise “bakehouse” thrives across the road.

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. We have to support independent businesses or else the only place to shop will be on line. Things are going fast. Wonderful shops are closing or already gone. It’s horrible. And yet, people complain that the lovely shops are gone…people who buy cheap things in awful places. They don’t support the independents but expect them to stay in business. I don’t understand what part they DON’T get??????!!!!!!!!!!

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