We had leftovers for dinner and it went down a treat. Here are some photographic leftovers: bits and pieces I found while cleaning up the archives.

Leftovers Many Cha Cha Butterfly Street Art Launceston

An early attempt at painting (so proud).

Leftovers Baby Toddler First Painting Fridge Magnets

Rosehips still on the bush before being pummelled in one of my baking experiments.

Leftovers Rosehips Roses Many Cha Cha Garden

Clean dishes, rare and notable.

Leftovers Kitchen Clutter Dish Rack Dishes Crockery Vintage Retro

Hiding from the painted puppies.

Lefotvers Many Cha Cha Toddler Child Vet Pets Mural Trompe Loeil

A lovely creeping vine with heart shaped leaves.

Leftovers Vine Autumn Fall Ornamental

Cut-out butterflies stuck on the wall of a building in Launceston.

Leftovers Launceston Butterflies Mural Street Art



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