Killing Time or Filling Time

Our car was being fixed today and so we had a lot of time to kill whilst waiting. But that’s such a negative expression, and in fact we had a pretty good day exploring and playing.

Thus, it seems more appropriate to say we filled time. Here are some small things that captured my attention and “made my eyes happy” today.

Filling Time Secret Garden Barbed Wire Spider Webb

A spider has found an unlikely place to make a home.

Labels on an old trunk.

Filling Time Vintage Trunk Labels Many Cha Cha

An overgrown bathtub in the garden of a derelict house.

Filling Time Bath Planter Abandoned House Secret Garden

The broken old sign for a Chinese restaurant with a very westernised name.

Filling Time Old Sign China Diner Hobart

An impromptu moss garden growing under an abandoned old car.

Filling Time Moss Garden Old Car Tyre

A 1960s power station, I think, with Mount Wellington in the background.

Filling Time Hobart Mt Wellington

Spring begins to make an appearance in a bamboo grove.

Filling Time Spring Flowers Jonquils Bamboo

Textural, stone, house foundations.

Filling Time Old House Stone Foundations Vintage

Curvaceous architecture from 1949, with a tiny stained glass window embellishment.

Filling Time 1949 Building Stained Glass Window

Once I’d set my mind to looking out for attractive details, the time went so much quicker.

Filling Time Weathered Sign China Diner



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