Another Place: Home

Homesick Melbourne You Remind Me Of Home Zoo

I spend much time thinking and talking about other places but the fact is, I am currently located in “another place”.

Here are a few things that I am missing about my home town, Melbourne.

Homesick Melbourne Family Friends Niece Children Art

Family and friends are on my mind, of course. Small people are growing up here and over there. Above is a collage by my precious three-year-old niece.

Homesick Melbourne Map Favourite Places Journal Cafe Title Books Film Music

The Melbourne I miss is about great music and books from Polyester and Title. It’s about liquids in laneways big and small. Coffee in cafes such as Journal, The Breakfast Club or A Minor Place, or wine (perhaps Pimms!) in bars like Section 8 and Madame Brussels.

Homesick Melbourne Triple R Car Subscriber Car Sticker

There’s an independent radio station in Hobart but there’s only one Triple R. I miss the sounds and I miss seeing these stickers on cars.

Homesick Melbourne Kleins Perfumery Brunswick St Favourite Shop

Oh Klein’s Perfumery, my nose misses you. This tiny shop, possibly my favourite, is where I (used to) buy my soap. Every single thing in this store smells wonderful.

Last time he was on Brunswick Street, my sweet man bought me a sold perfume here for travelling; how thoughtful!

Homesick Melbourne Favourite Store Husk Label Sequins

Another contender for my favourite shop is Husk. Frightfully expensive clothes, gorgeously exotic home wares and a variety of aromatic tea blends are available here. I see from the website that the brand has expanded beyond Melbourne but nevertheless, it has long been one of my favourite window-shopping stops.

Homesick Melbourne Favourite Secret Shops Husk Soap Exotic

In all honesty, since having twins I haven’t been hopping between many bars or lingering at many cafes. I haven’t had many reasons to wear glamorous clothes, and home wares in our house are purely functional or kept out of harm’s reach.

But what I really miss about Melbourne is that all of these (and many, many more) wonderful places have always been just there.

And now they’re all the way over there.

Isn’t it interesting when home becomes “another place”?

Homesick Melbourne Map Favourite Places Secrets

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