Favourite Flavours

Do you ever find yourself drawn to or preoccupied with a certain place or culture? Are you often attracted to books or films set in a particular country, do you dress or decorate your house in the style of a favourite location?

Japan Vintage Old Kokeshi Postcard Mt Fuji Stones

I would argue that I’m crazy about all sorts of cultures, but since I have travelled most in Asia it’s probably fair to note that my attention is often drawn to smells, colours and flavours from that (broad and very diverse) part of the world.

Japan Tea Blossom Lacquerware Tray

And in particular, I have noticed lately, I have gathered quite a lot of little trinkets from Japan. Not all of them were actually collected in Japan; it just seems to be an aesthetic to which I am drawn.

Japan Kimono Kokeshi Ikebana

And in the last few weeks I have been thinking, dreaming, planning, obsessing over Japan because we’re heading off there tomorrow.

Japan Blossom Textile Kimono Vintage Obi

You may notice a distinctly Japanese flavour here at Many Cha Cha for the next week or two.

Japan Tea Cult Japanese Tea Vintage Box Caddy Tin


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