Kawaii Kids

We’re recovering and returning to routines after our jaunt to Japan. With so much to show and tell, I’ve narrowed it down to a child’s-eye view of our trip for now.

Kids Japan Toddlers Photograph Photo Kawaii Cute Japanese

Everywhere we went, local people expressed their delight at our two boys with cries of “Kawaii! Kawaii!” (emphasis on the “eee!” at the end… it means cute, adorable). I was often astonished at the source of the attention: tough looking guys, teenaged boys, gruff old folks.

Kids Japan Tokyo Water Cruise Suijobus Asakusa Boat Ferry Odaiba

A key highlight for the small people was the variety of transport options. We travelled by subway, ferry, train and taxi. The photo above shows the Tokyo Water Cruise, headed from Asakusa to Odaiba.

Kids Japan Subway Train Station Platform

A Japanese icon: the “Temple of the Golden Pavilion,” or Kinkaku-ji, in Kyoto. It’s the most photogenic scene I’ve ever laid eyes on and it seems to have mesmerised the little guys, too.

Kids Japan Kyoto Temple Golden Pavilion Kinkakuji

Small encounters with nature: a green beetle in Ueno Park

Kids Japan Ueno Park Green Beetle Baby Hold Hand Twins

…pine cones and tiny flowers in the gardens of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

Kids Japan Kyoto Imperial Palace Gardens Pinecone

Kids Japan Kyoto Gosho Imperial Palace Garden Play Toddlers Children

There’s always something to celebrate in Japan. We enjoyed parades, carnivals and fetes.

Kids Japan Ueno Park Tokyo Festival Parade Float Toddler Child

Kids Japan Ueno Amusement Park Tokyo Pikachu

Above, inside the belly of Pikachu. Below, some old fashioned, hand-made pinball style games.

Kids Japan Tokyo Fete Vintage Game Pinball

Whenever possible, the kids ditched the stroller and went wandering. Here they are with ceremonial sake barrels near the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Yoyogi Koen.

Kids Japan Yoyogi Park Meiji Jingu Shrine Harajuku

It was an incredible and memorable trip, and still the most simple pleasures–  like a run in the park– were what the children valued the most.

Kids Japan Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden Hedge


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