Cheerful Projects for Renters

As renters, we have to be especially creative when it comes to decorating due to restrictions imposed by landlords. I’m challenged to find ways to infuse our home with colour and personality without touching the walls!

Our house was recently sold and I’ve been motivated and energised to tick off a bunch of my DIY jobs before we have to move again.

DIY Twin Bedroom Patchwork Beci Orpin Cushions

While the kiddos take their nap in the afternoon, I’ve been revving up the sewing machine or sneaking out to the shed to paint furniture.

DIY Polkadot Quilt Cover Princess Tina Cushion Stokke

One of the long-delayed projects is a pair of quilts using spotty fabrics that I’ve been collecting.

DIY Spots Crib Cot Quilt Toddler

I’ve never quilted before so it’s a simple design.

DIY Homemade Bedding Twins Bedroom Quilt

The boys are starting to assert their independence and make their preferences known, but for now the cheery colours and patterns are my choice!

DIY Spot Quilt Toadstool Mushroom Cushion Beci Orpin Design

We can’t hang as many pictures on the walls as I would like, but we’re doing our best to create a cosy and happy space for growing kids.

DIY Spot Quilt Japanese Balloons Baby Bedroom

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