Always Something There to Remind Me

Always Something There To Remind Me String Pink Lou Lou

Back in the day, if you wanted to be reminded of something, you tied a piece of string to your finger.

(One of my favourite examples is provided by Bert and Ernie in this old clip).

These days you have phone apps and post-its to wrench you towards your appointments and obligations, but sometimes the reminder you need is just a gentle tug. Of the heart-strings variety. Like when you find a concert ticket in a pocket and remember a great night, or when you rummage upon a souvenir from a favourite holiday, or when you watch an old Bert and Ernie sketch and remember when you used to perform it with your Dad for the family at Christmas…

I have a few rings on my fingers to remind me of special people and occasions these days, and I added one recently from a Tasmanian jewellery-maker called Pink Lou Lou. The Tasmanian tiger features in the company logo and it turns out that “every piece has a meaning and tells the story of where you’ve been and where you want to go“. Pieces include a ring that says “HOME” and a variety of maps, including tiny Tasmania.

What great gifts for travellers; providing warm, fuzzy (and shiny) reminders of special places and times.

Always Something Remind Pink Lou Lou Traveller Gift Tasmania


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