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Artful Parenting Drawing Festival Toddler Marker

Child art is often as good as any abstract art in a gallery, I reckon (no offence to any abstract artists who may be reading) and I’ve been looking forward to framing work created by my own kids. But anticipating the outcome sort of misses the point of children doing artistic activities, doesn’t it?

For kids, the value of making art is in creative play, exploration and discovery. It’s about the process.

Artful Play Al Fresco Art Nature Painting Children

We’ve been trying out some new art-based activities lately. Collecting natural materials to use as brushes….

Artful Outdoor Painting Garden Nature Paint Children Kids

…and painting al fresco…

Artful Painting Nature Paint Creative Kids Children

…which resulted in more paint on our clothes than on the paper!

Artful Play Dough Child Home

There’s been lots of play dough (or “fray dough” as it is known here).

Artful Play Dough Garlic Press Worms Kids Creative

And yesterday we attended thINK, a drawing festival arranged by Bradfield Dumpleton, who is an arts educator and illustrator.

Artful Parent Bradfield Dumpleton Draw Connect Learn Festival Hobart

We chatted to Jane Brown, who worked with Bradfield to make it all happen, while the kids scrawled all over the paper table cloth and got a grip on the different kinds of drawing implements. Jane explained that the festival was as much about creating connections as creating art.

Artful Bradfield Dumpleton Drawing Thinkubator Festival Hobart

The idea was to get imagination juices flowing by exploring lines, links and the workings of the human brain.

The gallery of drawings completed by (mostly school-aged) participants was cool and inspiring. Better still was the opportunity for our little guys to get their hands dirty and have a go themselves.

Artful Parent Crayon Texta Festival Art Drawing Kingston


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