Tokyo Shop Window

Japan Retail Comme Des Garcons Parco Tokyo Shibuya

It’s probably not news to anyone that the shopping in Tokyo is incredible. And for window-shopping, the kind of retail therapy that doesn’t cost a cent, you’d be hard pressed to find a better city.

On a few occasions when we were in Tokyo recently, I was able to snatch a quick image of a shop front or retail display that caught my eye. The photos illustrate the innovation and resourcefulness of people selling stuff and designing spaces in this massive and incredible city.

Japan Retail Cosmic Light Source Loft Parco Tokyo Shibuya

Above and top: departments in Parco 1, my favourite department store in Shibuya. It’s more like a number of small stores all under the one roof, each having its own character and style.

Japan Retail Shop Tokyo Shibuya 10 Tow Designer Second Hand Clothing

At the other end of the scale, above, are the tiny shops that are piled upon one another and are difficult to find. I liked 10/Tow, a tiny cave of vintage and second-hand designer pieces — featuring mostly the giants of Japanese fashion.

Japan Retail Tokyo Nursery Garden Display

Classic Japanese themes are still to be found, such as the hanging curtains in the doorway of the florist above, and the lanterns outside the izakaya (pub) below.

Japan Retail Tokyo Ueno Izakaya Vintage Style

Other eating establishments feature less-traditional décor (see Coney’s hanging windows below)…

Japan Retail Tokyo Shibuya Coney Cafe Restaurant

… and some are downright eccentric. This is the overgrown outdoor dining area of a bar that seems to be called “And People”.

Japan Retail And People Tokyo Shibuya Eclectic Cafe Bar

There were some quirky hair salons where I would have loved to make an appointment. Not so sure about the colour options displayed in the window at 3 Little Birds, below, though!

Japan Retail Tokyo Harajuku 3 Little Birds Hair Salon

And Vetica had a jumbled window (see a small detail below) and huge book collection for waiting clients… it took me a while to work out that it was a hair and beauty salon.

Japan Retail Vetica Hair Salon

In contrast, the establishment below is not actually a vintage barber shop, it’s a display in an amusement parlour.

Japan Retail Golden Style Odaiba Retro Vintage Rockabilly Barber

And in that same vein of contrariness, the very cool shop known as Vacant declares that Yes! It’s open.

Tokyo shopping is constantly surprising, regularly inspiring and the window-shopping is never, ever dull.

Japan Retail Tokyo Harajuku Vacant Art Photography Books


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